Building Networks & Growth Since 2016

We were established in 2016 to support women’s career growth, education on relevant topics, and look for ways to increase the number of women in IT. We also look for opportunities to reach out to the community to encourage women of all ages to embrace and nurture their love for technology. We:

  • Build communities of like-minded professionals across Michigan IT

  • Share collective information, experiences, and ideas around a particular IT topic in support of the university’s missions

  • Provide peer support

  • Develop best practices to sustain an ecosystem where communities last beyond individual efforts

Work we don't do:

  • Direct governance or influence of ITS or other centrally provided services. (There are plenty of governance groups that do that; we’re focused on peer-to-peer community building)

MCommunity Group: Women in Information Technology

Google+ Community: Women in Information Technology at UM