WITCOP Subcommittees

Have a cause you want to support? Want to help plan a WiTCOP meeting? Want to connect with others from the group on a smaller setting join a subcommittee.

Facilitators: Amber Madden, ITS (armadden@umich.edu); Jen Burch, ITS (jenburch@umich.edu); Debbie Gowan, ITS (debbieg@umich.edu); Stacey Zysk, ITS (szysk@umich.edu); Kelly Doonan-Reed (kellydr@umich.edu)

Our community of practice began with 5 subcommittees (Campus Outreach; Community Outreach; Hiring, Recruiting, and Professional Development; Mentoring; and Workplace and Cultural Issues). Over the years, participation has evolved, and we have decided to consolidate into 2 subcommittees that will focus on:


Work to build connections with other groups in the community and across the U-M campuses.

Professional Development

Work to present and share professional development opportunities.